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  • WBS Fall Quarterly

    In this Fall 2023 Issue, partner Kerry Saltzman breaks down the Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act which takes effect January 1, 2024. Additionally, partner Joel Goldblatt gives us a detailed overview of the Corporate Transparency Act which seeks to prevent money-laundering schemes via shell companies by requiring small companies and LLC's to provide identifying information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

  • IT Return to the Office Considerations

    As people begin to return to the office, it is important for businesses to check up on IT products and needs. Just as technological needs changed when remote work was first popularized, they are now transforming as employees return to the office. WBS Attorneys Jeff Davis along with Andre Arons and Joel Goldblatt walk us through different aspects of businesses changing IT needs to consider under our "new, new normal". This is a great starting point for the kinds of IT questions to ask and situation to assess.

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  • Top 10 Errors For Sellers to Avoid During an M & A Transaction

    Mergers and acquisitions are a significant focus of Williams, Bax & Saltzman, P.C. Many of our M&A clients approach us with hurried, last-minute requests to get their business ready for sale. The good news is that the stress and missteps we see in the M&A process are mostly, if not completely, avoidable. Read on to see how attorneys Joel Goldblatt and Andrew Arons can assist Sellers in these complex transactions by highlighting these top 10 potential pitfalls and the why behind each.

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