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  • Jarret Raab and Andy Arons Serve as Expert Panelists on Healthcare Webinar

    WBS partners, Jarret Raab and Andy Arons, were expert panelists on the April 18, 2020 episode of healthcare webinar series hosted by the Texas Regional Physician Awareness Seminars during which they discussed the legal and practical implications of the COVID-19 crisis on health care employers and workers.

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  • PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE: Current events require that you revisit your estate plan

    The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to change many aspects of our lives. The potential for short term or extended unemployment, and risk of fatal illness, are compelling reasons to revisit your estate plan. WBS Of Counsel, Sid Levine, has written this article about how your estate plan can help you prepare for the future in these turbulent times.

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  • Fulfilling Contractual Obligations Amid COVID-19

    We are living in precarious times. Between "stay-at-home" orders and financial uncertainty, it is important all companies take the time to review their contracts. Read below to see how one of our attorneys, Jarret Raab, explains how businesses can mitigate the virus' economic impact by understanding their contractual rights and obligations.